Garmin Forerunner 101 GPS Personal Training Device

garmin forerunner 101 reviewsThe Garmin Forerunner 101 offers athletes, recreational walkers and runners an entry level personal training device with GPS that you can wear on your wrist.  It has the same features as the Forerunner 201, but operates on two triple A (AAA) batteries.  The Forerunner 101 stores lap histories for up to two years to provide an archive of workout performance over a truly meaningful period of time.  You  can retrieve lap data for previous workouts by date, week, month, or over a specific time the forerunner 101

For business travelers who want to train on the road, the Garmin Forerunner 101 doubles as a navigation tool.  You can mark your hotel or motel as a specific location, see your current position on the plotter display, and follow an electronic trail back to your specific starting point.

Working out with the Forerunner 101 means you're never alone in your personal training because the unit provides a "Virtual Partner".  This unique feature allows you to set your training goal by configuring your Virtual Partner's pace and workout distance.  You'll get a graphic perspective of your performance by viewing your pace in relation to your Virtual Partner's pace, so you can always see at a glance if you're keeping up or falling behind.

NOTE: The difference between the Forerunner 201 and the Forerunner 101 is the Forerunner 101 does not have PC interface capabilities, runs on 2 AAA batteries, and has slightly larger unit dimensions.

The Garmin Forerunner 101 hands-free, lightweight, affordable GPS

Suggested retail price for the Forerunner 101 is $114.27 U.S.D. and limited to distribution in the US market only.  You can purchase it now for less.

Garmin Forerunner 101 feature set:

  • GPS sensor provides precise latitude, longitude, and altitude data for exact location information.

  • Mark specific locations, and then look-up and navigate to these points using an electronic map.

  • Retrace your steps to a starting point or reverse your normal route for routine variation.

  • Amount of calories burned can be tracked and calculated over the course of a workout.

  • Automatically records up to 5000 laps by day or week; stores approximately two years of data

  • Performance data can be automatically archived and calculated to provide an accurate record.

  • Automated stopwatch provides AutoLap and AutoPause features.

  • Lap timer indicates when a certain speed is reached or when you've fallen below a pre-set level.

  • Pace whistle sounds alert when you begin traveling slower or faster than your desired pace.

  • Distance whistle sounds when you reach a specified duration or distance in your workout

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